We offer a bespoke service for those who wish to work on their business rather than in it. This can be taking control of an unruly monster, or giving life and direction to realise your business true potential. It is simply a case of doing for your business what we already do for our own.

We can work closely with you to produce your Business Plan. This is a blueprint for the future the gives substance to your ideas and quantifies what is required. It will be invaluable for keeping you on course, measuring performance or planning finance requirements. You would not build a house without a written plan, so why build your business without one.

For those who are ambitious and would like to grow their business, but are not sure how to do it alone, we offer a hands on solution where we will work for you in your business. We will share your workload and responsibilities without asking for a share in your business. So if you feel you lack the experience or skill sets for certain tasks, we will undertake these jobs for you. If we can grow our own business we can grow yours.

We also have access to third party Business Expertise in many trades and professions. Where this additional expertise is required we can either engage it on your behalf, or make the introductions for you to meet people we are happy to recommend.

  • Control your business

By working on it, not in it

  • Bespoke business plans

Your blueprint for the future

  • Share your workload

With our hands on solutions

  • Utilise the expertise available

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