“I have a business that trades as a ‘Used Van Sales’ Dealer in Eastgate, Worksop. I used a ‘Car Dealer Management system’, but never knew how to use it, nor would they tell me my tax liability, and only got this last minute from my previous accountants. I was never sure as to what VAT or Corporation Tax was payable either, and not sure if it was correct.

“Having spoken to Hammond and Co and how they did things, I decided to move. Hammond took care of the transfer from my previous accountants with no problems or fuss, and it’s the best thing I’ve done.”

What was the problem?

RRK were now sure what tax would be due, and were not able to budget for it. They were told just how much they had to pay 7 months after year end.

How did Hammond Fix it?

Hammond and Co set RRK up with a ‘Dealer Management System’ called AutoSales, which was much easier to use than the previous system. An automatic link was then set up to Sage, ensuring that the VAT is 100{a4e60830d09e5a8183d37fdfb9f6243158eeb895a966d2b0032e3d1410c2acf5} correct, using both the ‘Marginal’ and ‘Qualifying’ VAT.

RRK now know their Quarterly VAT at least 3 weeks before they need to make a payment to HM Revenue and Customs. Mark and the team have also reduced the overall tax bill by having ‘real time’ accounts and by having a Month 9 Tax Review meeting.

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