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With RTI being a comprehensive process we take great care to ensure our service remains simple to use for you and your business. No fuss, no back and forth every pay-day, just keep us informed using our simple to use forms which informs us of the times your employees have worked and we take care of the rest.

Once you have appointed us to manage your Payroll we will need to register you with HM Revenue and Customs as your Agent.  We will also provide you with simple to use short form to collate information ensuring all the information report is accurate and correct.

Once in receipt of this information we will set up your company’s payroll, and then all that remains for you to do each is provide the employees working hours before pay-day and let us know for how long each employee has worked that pay period. We then respond with payslips and a summary to tell you how much to pay each employee and how much to pay to HMRC.

We can also provide you with time-sheets free of charge for you to use to gather information from your employees if you do not have your own.

Our service is so comprehensive for Payroll services, you will not have deal with the hassles and headaches of payroll and can concentrate on running your business.

By appointing Hammond & Co to handle your Payroll  calculations and submissions, this will give you peace of mind and confidence should you be selected.

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