We believe that our job is to keep you safe so that you feel confident and happier to do more of what you enjoy.

How do we do that?

  • Using technology to its full potential to give you financial freedom in real time.
  • We support and educate to help you grow and keep the profit in your pocket.
  • Transparency so you always know what you're paying for
  • We speak your language to make it clear and simple
  • For us that’s what makes us unique and we hope that you see the value in joining us. You can also put our brand promise to the test....We will save you your annual fees in time and tax savings - or we will refund you the difference!

If you believe that we can help you then there is nothing in your way. A common belief is that you might be better waiting until your year end but we can transfer data within 20 minutes. This will have you enjoying all the benefits of working with us immediately.

Hammond & Co work on a clear ‘Fixed Fee’ basis that provides transparency on all your required services. This ensures that there is no confusion of what you pay for and the ability to measure against what you receive.
All you need to do is say Yes!

We will take care of everything else. We have a proven process on how we do business. Click here to see how we operate and what you should expect from us.

Absolutely not!

Here’s is a breakdown of our pricing structure:

  • Any work that you will require will be agreed in advance.
  • You will never receive anything unexpected from us.
  • You simply decide on the products you want and we setup a monthly direct debit so that you know what you’re paying and what you get.
  • We speak your language to make it clear and simple
  • We find that its easier on your cash flow when its done that way.
Keeping you safe is why we are here.

We will deal with all HMRC affairs on your behalf and always keep you informed of anything that needs your attention.

If you are not getting specific tax advice – you probably are.

We have introduced our ‘Month 9 Tax Planning Meeting’ which gives you the option to make changes to save tax before your year-end.

We care!

Keeping you safe means that we need to be able to help you with multiple areas of support. From protecting you and your family, to helping you build your business with 6 weekly training sessions and much more.

Our Certification

We are Certified Platinum Xero Partners and Platinum Quickbooks Partners

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