CIS Tax services

As a contractor in construction you have to submit a CIS Return before the 19th of each month. A CIS return tells HMRC how much CIS tax was deducted from your sub-contractors, and if applicable, CIS tax held when you were sub-contracting, which then confirms how much tax you owe.

This is a complex process and it’s very important to be accurate as the penalties can be very high for late submissions.

Let us do the hard work

For contractors we…

  • Add and verify your new sub-contractors
  • Process payment and deduction statements
  • Submit monthly CIS Returns
  • Represent you in any CIS enquiry from HMRC
  • Correspond with HMRC on your behalf
  • Provide unlimited help and advice

For sub-contractors we…

  • Complete a full set of accounts for your business
  • Submit your tax return
  • Oversee the process for your repayment
  • Provide a dedicated accountant
  • Represent you in any tax enquiry from HMRC
  • Offer unlimited help and advice

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