Quickbooks Help

Quickbooks Help

Quickbooks is an online accounts solution

In this article we’ll look at some of the basic features of quickbooks. If you want to learn more, or you want to set-up your own system, you can visit the Quickbooks website here.

Quickbooks is popular because it offers an affordable solution for sole-traders and the self-employed, but is scalable so it can grow with you if you expand. Being able to start small makes it easy to learn, allowing you to only take on the aspects of accounting relevant to your business.

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  • Quickbooks is cloud accounting software
  • You can track basic income and outgoings
  • Larger companies can add payroll, VAT and more
  • It’s easy to use and scales with your business
  • Since it’s online you can access your figures almost anywhere
  • VAT, Tax and other reports are automated, saving time

Quickbooks allows you to connect your bank account and pull transactions across automatically. This alone can save a lot of time repeating information.

Once you’re set-up and have some transactions you can:

  • Get tax payments estimated for you
  • Report on income and expenses
  • Track allowable mileage expenses
  • Print tax-ready reports
  • Have income and expenses organised in one place
  • Know your data is secure with bank-grade encryption

For more details of features you should browse the Quickbooks site. Next we will look at why you might move to a cloud accounting system, and why quickbooks.

Still have questions? Want help setting up Quickbooks?

We'll answer any questions you have, or even better, we can set up the account for you and then visit you on-site to give you training.

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