The Month 9 Tax Planning Meeting

The Month 9 Tax Planning Meeting

The end of your financial year is too late to make significant decisions about where you put your money to make beneficial tax savings.

In our month 9 tax planning meeting we will share half a day with you to take a look at how your business has gone so far this year, what the next quarter might look like and then plan to allow for the maximum tax relief opportunities.

These can be in areas such as:

  • Business purchases
  • Wills, insurances & trusts
  • New Companies
  • Funding for the future
  • Personal purchases
  • The spreading of assets
  • Offsetting bad liabilities
  • Reducing tax liabilities

In sharing this hour together, you will have far more insight into what to expect from your tax bills (no likes those surprises) and how to manoeuvre to extract the most tax efficient savings you can make.

This meeting provides the best peace of mind that we as a Company can offer. You can sleep well at night knowing that you know. This is the ultimate way of us expressing our purpose to you which is:

Keeping you safe so that you are free to do more of what you enjoy

To book your meeting in, please contact me at

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